DOTP is considered safer than Ortho-Phthalate plasticizer due to its high toxicity, DOTP exhibits none of the peroxisome proliferation of liver enzymes that some 0rtho-Phthalate have shown. It is used as a suitable softener in PVC compounds or industrial tires and industrial glues. In comparison with the similar products, DOTP is more widely used for the sake of its stability during the maintenance period, less volatility, and high quality of softening.

Accordingly, in addition to industrial applications such as PVC soft sheets (tablecloth), floorboards, and various types of PVC wall-coverings and veneer sheets (wires, cables, etc.), they can be used with high confidence coefficient in the household appliances, food packaging, toys, household and medical plastic gloves, and all the stuff for which health and environmental issues are important.